Participation in the expedition "Baikal-Alaska-2017"

"Baikal - Alaska" is an expedition on a sailing catamaran along the path of the Siberian merchants of the XVIII-XIX centuries, who founded the first settlements in Russian America. You can repeat the whole journey of the Russian explorers of Alaska (11,000 km) , or choose one of its stages - along the Baikal, the rivers of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, along the Sea of Okhotsk or the Bering Sea, along the coast of Alaska. The length of the stages is vary from 650 to 2400 km with duration from 8 to 25 days.

The maxim crew of each stage is only 6-8 people. On May 14 there are availability for both river and ocean stages.

The total budget of the expedition is 14 million rubles (248,500 US Dollars). Participants of the expedition cover 30% of this amount, contributing from 120 to 250 thousand rubles (2,100 to 4,500 US Dollars) for the passage of the selected stage. Your participation in the expedition can also be paid by a sponsor or partner you could attract.

How to become a member?

Requirements for the river stages of the expedition: backpacking experience, willingness to live in a tent for a couple of weeks, interview with the expedition leader.

Attention: from many points of the route the distance to the nearest human habitation can exceed 300-700 km (200-450 miles), and to the nearest airport more than 1,000 km (650 miles).

Requirements for the Ocean stages: an obligatory condition is a yacht experience no less than 3,000 miles total and experience of mountain backpacking from 1 week or more. You can be proud of the new experience of conquering the northern latitudes: no one has ever crossed Okhotsk and Bering Seas on a sailing catamaran.

Participation : each person on board is not a passenger, but a member of the team/crew. You will have to be on duty in the galley, load and reassemble the catamaran, help with cleaning, keep a watch log, become a documentary film character about the expedition, take photos and videos, participate in press conferences.

Our vessel



The entire expedition will take place on an ocean sailing inflatable catamaran. The catamaran was designed and manufactured by Anatoly Kulik, famous russian explorer from Novosibirsk.

Dimensions: 12x5.4 meters. Speed: 13-35 km/h. This model of the catamaran has been successfully tested in a round-the-world sail and in extreme weather conditions with winds up to 60 knots. With a powerful motor the catamaran can easily go upstream the rivers. Due to the low draft, the catamaran can enter the mouths of rivers and shallow bays, which allows to wait out possible storms.

The possibility of dismantling and transportation by car allows to overcome the mountain stages of the route - the Davan Pass between Baikal and the Kirenga River and the Dzhugzhursky Range by the Sea of Okhotsk.

The video shows a 3D model of catamaran, which is currently under construction for the expedition "Baikal-Alaska."

Accommodation on board is a 6-person sharing tent. Individual dry bags for storing personal belongings (no more than 80 liters).

The catamaran has a gasoline generator of 1.5 kW, solar panels and two batteries (220V and 12V), navigation lights and lighting on board.


In 2016, the leader and crew members of Baikal-Alaska explored 5000 km (3100 miles) of the route along the rivers of Irkutsk region, Yakutia, Khabarovsk territory and along the coast of Kamchatka to guarantee the safety and possibilities of the catamaran.

On the board the catamaran: emergency buoy, life raft, life jackets with safety systems, which allow to attach to the safety line along the perimeter of the deck. It is planned to track weather reports and consult with experienced local seafarers in order to be able to anticipate bad weather and wait it out in safe bays.


GPS-tracker will be installed on the catamaran,transmitting information about the location of the vessel every hour. An interactive map of the route will allow to track the project the website.

The team has two Iridium satellite phones and one Thuraya. With their help, voice communication will be provided, online chat with the expedition members, tracking weather reports.


Irkutsk to Okhotsk - 8 people.
Okhotsk to Anchorage - 6 people.

Dates and stages of the expedition

Start – May 30, 2017 in Irkutsk..
Finish – August 30, 2017 in Alaska (Anchorage).
The total length of the route is 11 000 km (6835 miles).

The route is divided into 6 stages. To the point of start and from the point of finish the participant gets at his own expense. There is an airport with each start and finish point.

With participation in the fifth and sixth stages of the expedition (departures and arrivals to US airports), the participant himself incurs additional costs for visas.

We are ready to assist in purchasing air tickets and obtaining visas.

Stages of the expedition

1. Lake Baikal: 650 km (400 miles) - 8 days

Irkutsk - the Angara River - crossing Baikal Lake (south to north) - Severobaikalsk (30.05 - 07.06.2017)
Solemn start of the expedition. The route through the Angara and Baikal was repeatedly covered by the captain and the expedition chief. Overnight stays in picturesque places, songs by campfire, meeting with participants of the accompanying tour.
Take into account that June on Lake Baikal is still considered a spring month, and spring on Lake Baikal is pretty cold.

2. The Lena River: 2000 km (1250 miles) downstream - 10 days

Severobaikalsk - Davan Pass (truck transportation 120 km) - Kirenga River (assembly of the catamaran) - Lena River - Lensk - Ura River - Sinsky Pillars - Lena Pillars - Yakutsk (07.06 - 06/17/2017)
Try yourself as a shipbuilder, put the catamaran together and launch it in one day. Secluded and truly wild places, where in 2016, the route's scouts saw 1 tent for 2,000 km of the route.

3. The rivers of Yakutia and the Sea of Okhotsk: 2,100 km (1700 upstream + 400 km of the Sea of Okhotsk) - 16 days

Yakutsk - the river Lena - the river Aldan - Ust-May - the Maya River - the Nelkan village - Dzhugzhursky ridge (transportation on the Urals 220 km) - Ayan (coast of the Sea of Okhotsk) - Okhotsk (June 17 - July 3, 2017)
The route for the pioneers: our ancestors moved here on winter roads, along the frozen riverbeds. The section from Ust-Mai to Nelkan upstream of the Maya River will be traversed for the first time. This stage allows you to see number of rivers and mountains, and become a seafarer.

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4. Sea of Okhotsk: 2,100 km (1300 miles) - up to 22 days

Okhotsk - Magadan - Cape Povorot - Shelikhov Bay - Kamchatka Peninsula - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (03.07 - 25.07.2017)
Sail along the coastline of Okhotsk Sea and around Kamchatka Peninsula. Capture volcanoes, bird and seal rookeries.

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5. The Bering Sea: 2,400 km (1500 miles) - 14-25 days

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Dutch Harbor (Unalaskabay, USA, Alaska) (July 27 - August 20, 2017)
Transoceanic stage only for the brave - from Kamchatka to Alaska along the Aleutian Islands. Great fishing.

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6. Alaska: 1,400 km (900 miles). - 10 days

United States, Dutch Harbor (Unalaskabay) - Kudobin Islands - Kodiak Island - Anchorage. (August 20 - August 30, 2017)
Sail along the past Russian America and admire the great Alaska.

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The contact agreement terms and conditions:

  • The expedition participant should be physically healthy and have no chronic diseases (medical certificate should be provided).
  • Emergency evacuation of a member of the expedition that fell ill during the expedition is carried out at the expense of the expedition participant or at the expense of the insurance company.
  • Priority when choosing participants of the expedition is given to those who:
    • has a significant expedition experience;
    • has the opportunity to actively promote the expedition in the social and mass media, take photos and videos;
    • has goals and values similar to the goals and values of the expedition crew;
    • is interested and ready to explore the history and sights of Siberia, the Far East and Russian America.
  • The participant independently buys air tickets to the starting point and from the finish point. In case of changes in the start and finish dates, the organizers of the expedition are not responsible for the financial losses when changing the ticket.
  • Organizers of "Baikal-Alaska" receive not exclusive rights to all photos and videos of the participant, taken during the expedition.
  • Organizers provide the participant during the expedition with everything necessary: satellite communication, food, sleeping place, dry bag, expedition jacket, safety equipment. At the same time, everyone is obliged to have personal equipment (clothes, yachting suit, sleeping bag, dry bag, etc.).
  • A detailed composition of the necessary personal equipment will be provided.
  • The total amount of luggage of the expedition participant should not exceed 80 liters.
  • Participants assist the organizers of the expedition in attracting funds, searching for and acquiring the necessary equipment, attracting sponsors and partners, promoting the project. It is possible to contribute part of the expedition expenses in equipment (engines, yacht suits), fuel, food, air tickets. You can attract a sponsor who will pay for your participation in the expedition.

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