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Motor-sailing catamaran (the river-ocean class), 40 feet
Inflatable, collapsible.

Name of the boat: Iskatel (Explorer, Searcher).
Seating capacity: 2-6 people.
Load capacity: 3 tons (6600 lb).
Minimum draft: 1 feet.
There is a lifting davit and lifting rudders.
Year of construction - May 2017.
Country of registration - Russia (possible to change).

Unique features:

  • the ability to go into the places where no other vessel is able to go, since it has a very small draft;
  • impressive performance on the high seas;
  • the ability to come very close to the coastline (to watch animals, to examine the landscape, to photograph beautiful rocks, etc);
  • the ability to carry a large load, since the load capacity is very good.

Sailing equipment: mainsail, staysail, Genoa, gennaker.
Engines (motors), 2 pcs: Tohatsu 18 hp Mercury 35 hp.
Stability on waves: 13 feet.

There are two balloons, each balloon has 4 sections. The surface is resistant to rocks and reefs.

Speed under sail: 4-14 knots.
Speed built up by the 18 hp engine: 7 knots.
Speed with a fair wind and wave - up to 17 knots!

I think, by taking off all the tents you will possibly make the speed even higher (more than 20 knots under sail).

It is possible to use it both in the open sea and on shallow water; it can also be used for transitions along the rivers and in bays with a depth of up to 1.5 feet. It is easy and safe to go into the river estuaries to wait for good weather.

It is not a problem for a boat to dry on shallows at low tide.

The vessel covered about 7 200 miles from the heart of Siberia (Lake Baikal, Russia), across the rivers, through the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea to Alaska. (For more info: We have already tested this boat. It is reliable!

The onboard equipment:

  • awning (tent) for overnight stay (resistant to wind up to 60 knots), insulated;
  • cockpit tent;
  • toilet;
  • anchor;
  • heater;
  • ropes;
  • some expedition clothes (sailor jacket, boots, etc);
  • 4 big containers for keeping food
  • large technical box with tools and spare parts for autonomous long-distance travel;
  • 2 gas cookers for cooking;
  • 2 sets of professional yacht clothes;
  • 2 dry bags, 80 litters (21 gallons) each;
  • fuel tanks for 1,200 liters of gasoline (317 gallons);
  • 5 meters (16.4 feet) long inflatable boat for 6 people;
  • marine VHF radio and another spare portable radio;
  • running lights;
  • anemorumbometer

To start next year you will have to get the boat ready (I will prepare a list of all the necessary changes and things to be fixed).

Sale price: $ 130,000 (ready for your offer price)

If you ready to look the boat - just say, and i connected you with boat broker in Homer (Alaska).

Best regards,
Anatoly Kazakevich
+7 914 880 1262
Russia, Siberia
Irkutsk sity